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At Anna Diamonds, we believe that tradition and that which is build and developed over generations is important and vital for our artisary. We have held the same values for decades and stick to it because we know it has resulted in great outcomes.



We prioritize quality, for this reason we pride ourselves with creating each piece of jewellery by hand. As well as this we want our patrons the world in general to know the intricacies of the diamond world and have access to our expert knowledge and support, so that each purchase they make gives them
the maximal feeling of satisfaction.

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Our brand has a simple vision; To illuminate lives with the radiance of exclusive jewellery, embodying the essence of Partnership, Pulchritudinous beauty, Precision craftsmanship, and boundless Passion,
forging timeless connections through the art of adornment. We envision ourselves bringing constant creativity and out the box solutions to world of jewellership artisanry.


We always approach each of our clients with an individual solution. We tailor to each of their needs and wants. We consider that our brand culture and tradition emphasize this as much as our constant want and need to learn through experience. As such we base our manufacturing on the Turkish artisan method. Turkey is known as one of the
biggest jewellery markets and manufacturers in the world, and we are proud to follow in the
footsteps of this multi-generational tradition.

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