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All you need to know about diamonds



The weight of a diamond is quantified in carats, often abbreviated as "ct." One carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. This weight factor substantially impacts the stone's overall value. At Anna Diamonds, our selection includes diamonds ranging from as delicate as 0.003 carats to the grandeur of over 15 carats. Within this diverse range, you are sure to discover a diamond that is truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind.



Within the world of diamonds, we encounter two distinct categories: those with a classic round brilliant cut, often referred to as "diamonds," and those showcasing unique and imaginative shapes like marquise, oval, emerald, princess, heart, or pear cuts. When evaluating a diamond's dimensions, meticulous attention is given to several crucial aspects, including the stone's shape, as well as the precision and size of its finish. It's important to note that only an exceptionally well-executed cut can reveal the inner brilliance of the diamond, making each facet a vital consideration.


Clarity is another pivotal factor that wields a profound impact on both the value and aesthetics of a diamond.
Diamonds can exhibit imperfections either internally or externally. In the realm of clarity, diamonds categorized as P1, P2, or P3 carry visible blemishes, discernible even to the unaided eye or to those with a keen eye for gemstone evaluation, without the aid of a magnifying glass.



It's important to note that the disparities in value between two diamonds of identical weight and size can be quite substantial. This discrepancy arises from the significance of color, often colloquially
referred to as "hue," in the evaluation process. The most commonly sought-after diamond colors fall within the spectrum of yellow or gray tones. Furthermore, diamonds exhibiting fancy colors such as blue, pink, green, or red also command
unique and distinct market interest.


The fifth essential factor is Certification, often denoted by the certificate accompanying every
diamond product. This certificate provides comprehensive information about the product, including a
detailed description of the diamonds. These descriptions are meticulously crafted by experts whose
qualifications have been formally endorsed by specialists from the esteemed High Diamond Council
based in Antwerp (HRD).



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